Build A Better Mousetrap

Every year the National LTAP Association solicits entries for the "Build a Better Mousetrap" Competition. The competition highlights innovative solutions to everyday problems local and tribal transportation workers face. Submissions range from the development of tools to modification of equipment and processes that increase safety, reduce cost and improve the efficiency and quality of transportation. Submissions fall into one of the following categories: Inspection and data collection, Asset management techniques, Maintenance tools and methods, or Facilities improvements.

Entry Booklets

How to Submit Your Ideas

State and regional LTAPs, including Nebraska, solicit region-wide submissions and select a winner that will represent the state at the national competition. Nebraska LTAP submits winners to the regional "You Show Us" competition awarded annually at the Local Roads Conference in Rapid City, SD. It is then forwarded on to the National LTAP Association "Build a Better Mousetrap" competition the following spring. Submit your innovation using the form below. If you need assistance from an LTAP employee to take pictures, please don't hesitate to ask. Entry Form and Instructions

Entries from Previous Programs

Title Location
Hydraulic Broom Keith County
Object Marker Spring-Loaded Post Holder Buffalo County
Retractable Truck Bed Extension Scottsbluff
Storage Rack for Salt/Sand Spreader Kearney
Weed Sprayer Saunders County
Asphalt Equipment Cleaning System Colorado
Asphalt Spraybar System Colorado
Cattleguards Colorado
Low Cost Culvert Drop Inlets Colorado
One Man Culvert Loader Colorado
Electric Utility Safety Cone Zone Program Colorado
Magnetic Debris Collector Colorado
Magnetic System for Road Debris Colorado
Phillips County Landfill Colorado
Road Roller Colorado
Rock Crusher Camera Monitoring System Colorado
Self-Loading Water Tanker with Sprayer Colorado
Sign Repair Stand Colorado
Temporary Sign Post Colorado
Trailer Walkways Colorado
Modified Salt Chute Connecticut
Multi-Use Water Truck Connecticut
Pinchie the Basin Cleaner Connecticut
Pipe Site Truck Connecticut
Reuse of Sweeper broom on Bobcat Connecticut
Safety Incentive Program Connecticut
Context-Sensitive Salt Shield Connecticut
Traffic Control Vehicle Connecticut
Under-Vehicle Sprayer Connecticut
Work Zone Safety Posters Connecticut
Suck'em Dry Molokai Hawaii
Dyed Hydraulic Fluid Michigan
Used Truck Tires Michigan
Catch Basin Maintenance Minnesota
Scarifying Blades Montana
Temporary Sign Post Montana
Tractor Rear Window Guard Montana
Cutting Edge Lift North Dakota
Motor Grader Wheel Rake North Dakota
Roller Packer North Dakota
Snow Pusher North Dakota
Large Tire Trailer Transport North Dakota
Bridge Building Process Ohio
Complete Salt Conveyor System Ohio
Concrete Bridge Beam Launcher Ohio
Simple Signs Reduce Accidents Ohio
Under Body Pressure Washer Adapter Ohio
Work Zone Setup Truck Ohio
Brine Making Totes Pennsylvania
Curbalyzer Pennsylvania
Hose Reel Pennsylvania
Cost Comparison Of Safety Equipment Puerto Rico
Emergency Response Sign Trailer South Dakota
Roadway Widening South Dakota
Cattle Guard Wyoming