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Federal Highway Administration Logo

Federal Highway Administration

FHWA provides core funding, guidance and oversight for the LTAP program in all 50 states. The Nebraska Division of FHWA approves our annual budget and work plan. They guide LTAP in adoption of key focus areas and disseminate important strategies and programs that LTAP is charged with transferring to LPAs for the benefit of the transportation system. FHWA provides important technical resources to LTAP and LPAs for all areas of highway and street operations.

Nebraska Transportation Center Logo

Nebraska Transportation Center

NTC is the umbrella organization for transportation research at the University of Nebraska and represents a unique partnership between university researchers, industry leaders, and government entities. NTC integrates transportation research, education, and technology transfer programs across the four NU campuses, making it one of the largest university transportation centers in the region.

Nebraska Department of Transportation Logo

Nebraska Department of Transportation

NDOT is the primary funding source, along with minimal course fees, for Nebraska LTAP.

We support NDOT's mission of providing the best possible statewide transportation system for the movement of people and goods primarily by providing training to the local public agency (LPA) transportation workforce across the state.

LTAP also facilitates many events and training opportunities for NDOT personnel. We partner with NDOT in administering statewide LPA Federal-aid safety projects, and we assist NDOT in gaining a local transportation perspective when needed. We serve as an extension of the NDOT Local Assistance Division in serving LPA transportation needs through close LPA communication and outreach, technical assistance availability, networking and technology and information transfer from NDOT to LPAs.

Nebraska Extension Logo

Nebraska Extension 

Nebraska Extension is the recipient and administrator of LTAPs funding pool. The university provides structure to all our financial transactions and organizational activities, including employment, human resources, claims, accounting, auditing, information technology support, and many ancillary office services. LTAPs mission and methods pair perfectly with the UNL Extension community, in that statewide education, outreach and training are also key components of their mandate. UNL contacts, expertise and resources are key to LTAPs development of an effective statewide LPA training program.

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