Winter Maintenance Program

Winter Maintenance Workshop

The Nebraska Winter Maintenance Workshop provides an informative and fun atmosphere to compete and learn.Workshop sessions focus on innovations by Nebraska Local Public Agency employees to improve safety, efficiency, and/or processes in any department work.Equipment operators, supervisors, and other participants have time to network and visit the event's vendors and sponsors.
NE LTAP partners with the Nebraska Chapter of the American Public Works Association to host competitive events include backhoe, loader, motor grader, skid steer and truck plow. Winners have the opportunity to represent Nebraska at a regional or national event with funding support from Nebraska APWA.Non-competitive parts of the workshop are covered by Workforce Development for employees of Nebraska LPAs. Competitive event registration is $25 per event entry.

Nebraska Asphalt Paving Conference/Technical Workshop

Since 1956, the Nebraska Asphalt Paving Conference has brought together industry professionals from all sectors of the industry. Roadway managers, installers, designers, contractors, and suppliers need to attend this event to discover asphalt innovations and network within the industry. The program is a collaboration between NDOT and the Nebraska Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America.
The Nebraska Asphalt Paving Conference is held biannually in odd-numbered years to bring together industry professionals across Nebraska's transportation network. Session topics include new innovations, technical updates, research,transportation policy, and a noteworthy keynote speaker.
In even-numbered years, the Nebraska Asphalt Technical Workshop focuses entirely on innovations in the asphalt industry. The Workshop includes speaker presentations, tours and demonstrations of new technologies, products and processes.

Nebraska Bridge Conference

The Nebraska Bridge Conference is a two-day event featuring presentations by industry leaders covering a range of topics from record keeping to maintenance and inspections. Typically, training or tech support for BrM users is available. The Bridge Conference is abiannual event happening in odd-numbered yearsco-sponsored by NE LTAP and the NDOT Bridge Division.

Nebraska Concrete Paving Association Workshop

The NCPA Workshop provides updates in innovation, technical information, policy, and research affecting the concrete and aggregate industries in Nebraskaand has for over 40 years.The Workshop features two full days of industry-leading speakers and educational presentationsperfect for roadway managers, contractors, designers, suppliers, and other concrete professionals.Registration is hosted by NCPA for this event.

Nebraska Tribal Transportation Conference

NE LTAP, the Nebraska Department of Transportation and the BIA Winnebago Agencyco-host this event for participants toexchange strategies,needs,and resourcesamong tribes and participating agencies. A smaller, more focused event, the agenda includes ample time for round tables and networkingamong participants.
Registration for this event is by invitation. If you have questions, please contact NE LTAP.

Nebraska Association of County Engineers, County Highway Superintendents & County Surveyors

County Superintendents and Engineers come together four times per year to exchange information, learn and network. The statewide summer meeting is entirely transportation-focused. The statewide winter meeting is a part of the larger NACO annual event. District meetings happen each spring and fall at regional sites. For current information about this group’s events, visit their web site.

MINK Conference

Co-sponsored by the LTAPs of Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas, the MINK Conference brings together local public transportation agencies annually in St. Joseph, Missouri. Session topics cover all aspects of local road managementincluding applicable FHWA perspectives. An annual highlight is an open discussion for attendees to ask questions and seek the expertise and experience of peersover dinner.

Local Roads Conference

The Local Roads Conference is held each October in Rapid City, South Dakota and brings together local transportation agencies from the Upper Great Plains: Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.Session topics focus on local roads and, particularly, low volume roadway management and maintenance. A highlight is an extensive vendor hall with opportunities to seek products and services from a wider network.