Workforce Development Reimbursement Program

The Nebraska Department of Transportation allocates funds to a workforce development program (WFD) which are used to reimburse employees participating in professional development activities, including workshops, classes and conferences.

Please direct any questions regarding the approval status of your professional development request to Jodi Gibson, NDOT Local Projects Section at

Who is eligible?

  • Employees of Nebraska local public transportation agencies
  • Must be in full-standing
  • Must be regular status
  • Cannot be on vacation, medical, suspension, or other forms of leave

What expenses qualify for reimbursement?

  • Registration costs
  • Lodging (details here)
  • Meals (details here, no alcohol)
  • And some textbooks or materials
  • Mileage is NOT eligible for reimbursement

Requesting Reimbursement: What is the employee is responsible for?

Requesting Reimbursement: What is the local public agency responsible for?

  • LPA submits the WFD reimbursement form with original receipts to NDOT
  • NDOT reimburses the local public agency for allowable expenses
  • In some cases, Nebraska LTAP can direct bill expenses for hosted classes to NDOT. The local public agency cannot submit the same expenses. 

Completed WFD reimbursement forms and all original receipts should be emailed:
or mail to: NDOT Local Projects Section, Attn: Jodi Gibson, PO Box 94759, Lincoln, NE 68509-4759

Important Links

WFD Pre-Approved Course List

NDOT Request for Approval of Professional Development Activity (Not on pre-approved list)

Local Public Agency WFD Reimbursement Form

Guidelines for Meals and Lodging Reimbursements

* For questions on LTAP hosted classes/events and related expenses, please contact Nebraska LTAP at 402-472-5748.