Loan Program

Local Public Agencies can borrow equipment to improve roadway safety.  LTAP currently has two MetroCount 5600 for temporary traffic surveys and a RoadVista 922 RetroReflectometer. These were purchased by NDOT's High Risk Rural Roads Program so reporting how the equipment was used may be required as a part of the lending agreement.

The standard lending agreement is two weeks.  LTAP staff will work with you to arrange pick-up or delivery to get the equipment to you and as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

MetroCount 5600 Traffic Counter

The MetroCount 5600 is a portable traffic counting device that can detect vehicle count, speed and class. It is designed to collect data from a range of vehicles including bicycles.

RoadVista 922 RetroReflectometer

The RoadVista 922 RetroReflectometer is a handheld device that measures retroflection of road signs and other materials. It can be an important piece of complying with an MUTCD-required sign assessment and management program. It has a built-in GPS and a barcode reader.

Know of a piece of equipment LTAP should add to the equipment lending program? Share your suggestion with LTAP.

Nebraska LTAP Contact for this program: Megan Patent-Nygren