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We offer a wide range of courses taught by subject matter experts (SMEs) designed to improve performance, build technical skills, and contribute to professional development in the field of transportation. Currently, all trainings are delivered via remote technology due to concern over the COVID-19 virus. Classroom trainings are suspended until further notice.

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The course policies detail our protocols for registration and cancellation, as well as what is to be expected when the course starts.

Course Policies

Workforce Development Reimbursement Program

The Nebraska Department of Transportation and other local entities allocate funds for workforce development, and many Nebraska LTAP courses are covered by this program

Click the button below for forms, guidelines, the pre-approved course list, and more details on eligibility and qualified expenses.

Workforce Development Reimbursement Program

Tailgate Talks

Tailgate Talks are a staple of safety programs with public works agencies across the country, as well as safety-conscious contractors. Supervisors and crew leaders can hold them as often as they find helpful. They can be held weekly or monthly or in connection with a new activity or season. They are intended to be short and focused so that, over time and together with existing practices and policies, they help build a culture of safety within local agencies. The intent of Tailgate Talks is to provide supervisors with packages of materials, targeted towards a broad array of public works equipment and practices, that will make it easy for them to carry out these important talks.

The idea of a tailgate safety talk is to take a discrete activity, practice, or piece of equipment and drill into it quickly in a way that is relevant to what local agencies are doing or are likely to encounter.

We hope you find these resources useful. Check back often for new materials.

Tailgate Talks

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