Guidelines for WFD Meals and Lodging Reimbursements

  • Original, detailed receipts are required for expenses of $5 or more
  • Submit actual costs inclusive of tips. Tips must be noted and will not exceed 20%
  • Alcoholic beverages are NOT reimbursable
  • To claim breakfast, must leave at or before 6:30 AM
  • To claim evening meal, must return after 7 :00 PM
  • Lunch is not eligible for reimbursement for one day travel
  • Reimbursements for meals will not exceed the Federal per diem guidelines


  • Participants are responsible for making their lodging arrangements and submitting an expense reimbursement
  • DO NOT charge room service or other misc. charges to the room
  • If travel is LESS than 60 miles from Headquarter city, lodging is not an allowable expense (unless prior approval has been obtain NDOT)

*Please direct questions regarding Workforce Development eligible expenses and reimbursements to NDOT Local Projects Section, Attn: Jodi Gibson at