Hazardous Material Review (HMR) Course 101

Hazardous Materials Review (HMR) web-training is intended for Engineers, NEPA analysts and all new to NDOT staff, Consultants or any existing employee in NDOT upper management. The purpose of the HMR 101 course is to introduce Learners to the value of the HMR process in design decisions, and for compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Course objectives are:

  • Review with practitioner the approved HMR Guidance, including the qualifications of an environmental professional.
  • Provide an understanding and awareness of the basic role HMRs have in project delivery and why they are required.
  • Present baseline information on how NDOT staff identify potential existing hazardous materials concerns as an integral step of the advance planning and environmental document stages of project development. Also when applicable to facilitate project alternative selection.

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