Advanced Temporary Traffic Control

This day & a half course expands on the knowledge and skills covered in Basic Temporary Traffic Control. Emphasis is on supervisory roles and application of the Nebraska Standard TTC Plans in temporary traffic control. The course will conclude with a certification exam that, upon successful completion, will present participants with four-year NDOT Advanced TTC Certifications.  Contact Megan Patent-Nygren for more information.

Topics include legal liability, TTC devices used in Nebraska, typical applications, drafting and assessing basic TTC plans,  stakeholder collaboration on a roadway construction site, and supervision of the installation, maintenance and removal of a TTC plan.  Course participants will be able to use authoritative sources of TTC; apply MUTCD typical applications and Nebraska Standard Plans to real world work zone scenarios; supervise flaggers; use dynamic message signs, warning lights, paint markings, crash cushions, and signals to direct traffic around or through a work zone; respond to traffic incidents in work zones; plan and supervise TTC installation and removal; and conduct appropriate work zone inspections.

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