Web Tool for County Bridges


Web Tool for County Bridges


From Steve Riehle, Hall County

The NDOT created a web based application earlier this year that allowed us to view CBMP eligible bridges. I asked the NDOT if they could update the application to view all county bridges. Kent Miller and Mike Munson revised the CBMP web page so we could view all county bridges. It's another tool to help you manage your bridges. You don't have to have a BrM id, don't have to log in, and your staff in the office might also find the information helpful.

Left click on this link to access the program. You may need to hold down the "CTRL" key down when left clicking to get past security settings. Or maybe just copy the link and paste it into the address field for your web browser.

Site: http://prodmaps2.ne.gov/Html5NDOT/index.html?viewer=BridgeMatch/

  • When you open the web page you will see all the county bridges.
  • They can be turned on and off in the layers tab at bottom left of the screen.
  • You can turn off/on minimum maintenance roads, imagery, etc.
  • You may need to un-check the HybridRelief to see the imagery (or make the HybridRelief more transparent using the slider bar.
  • Web-based map instructions can be found at dot.nebraska.gov/media/5876/cbmp_howto.pdf

Thank you, NDOT Bridge Division!